Sergio Canales of Monterrey looks on

Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images

Sergio Canales revealed the type of person he is behind the scenes in a recent interview with ESPN’s Rodrigo Fáez. The CF Monterrey star shared that following the NBA is one of his favorite hobbies.

Canales shared his journey to becoming a dedicated NBA fan after overcoming an injury. Additionally, he emphasized the profound extent of his passion for basketball.

“I mean, there have been three very long recoveries where I’ve slept little,” Canales told Fáez. “I mean, at night, especially right after the surgery. People who have had to undergo surgeries are obviously aware that at night, in shifts, it’s very bad. 

“I remember that the first night, I didn’t sleep at all. I was in a lot of pain. And then, well, the NBA was at night, so it was incredible for me to watch it. I started to get hooked and follow it more.”

What does Sergio Canales like about the NBA?

The Rayados midfielder added what he finds attractive the most. Canales says that he often looks at all the stats the following day, so it would be interesting to discover how deep his love for basketball statistics goes.

“I really like the topic of statistics—getting up and seeing what the players have done, everything,” Canales added. “And I got hooked, and the truth is that right now, it’s my No. 1 hobby by far that I follow. It’s the sport that I follow the most by far.”

Aside from being an NBA fan, it’s a shame that Fáez didn’t get more into details on his favorite team, his favorite players, and which Spanish player he views as the GOAT. Maybe next time.