Credit: Rayadas Twitter Account

Ana Lucía Martínez played extensively in Europe before arriving at CF Monterrey to join the Rayadas squad. Ahead of her first Clasico Regio Femenil contest, she spoke with Once Diario about her experience so far in Mexico.

Even though the veteran forward decided to leave Europe to join the Mexican side, Martínez doesn’t see it as a step-down. Furthermore, she highlights the first-class facilities that the club has dedicated to its women’s team. 

“Rayadas gives us everything we need to perform at our best. It has nothing to envy from any European team,” Martínez told the outlet. “People used to tell me that coming to Mexican football was a step back, but I actually came here to make a leap in quality in every sense, both in the organization and in the incredibly professional treatment we receive…

“It’s often said that the best is in the Old Continent, but that’s not always the case. Truly, the club is possibly among the best in the world, not just in Latin America; this is evident in the way they operate and the facilities they have.”

Ana Lucía Martínez on the difference between European and Mexican football

While Europe is still the standard for football, Monterrey places importance on its women’s squad. The Rayadas team receives treatment as professional athletes, which cannot be overlooked. Additionally, in the interview, Martinez noted what she sees as the difference between Mexican and European women’s football. 

“Speaking about the differences in Italian soccer specifically, it’s more physical, more aggressive, and unlike that style of football, the players here focus a lot on ball possession. They enjoy having it,” Martínez added. “It’s a cleaner game, much more technical and visually appealing. I like that style, and it’s helped me adapt more quickly.”