Andre Jardine

Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images

Club América and CF Monterrey played a 1-1 draw Saturday night at Estadio Azteca. However, América manager André Jardine believes that his squad should’ve had a chance to take the lead on a penalty kick shot.

After the match, the Brazilian tactician spoke postgame with the media and highlighted that the referee, César Arturo Ramos, did not signal an “obvious” penalty on Diego Valdés.

“The referees don’t explain anything to us,” Jardine told reporters (h/t Claro Sports). “I don’t know if they should, but it is an obvious penalty for me. I’m not looking for any explanation; I focus on the game and what we must do better.”

André Jardine on the mistake that led to the Sergio Canales goal

The Águilas opened the scoring, but Rayados did respond minutes later. Monterrey took advantage of a mishap from defender Emilio Lara, leading to Sergio Canales scoring the game-tying goal. 

“He is a great player, quite young,” Jardine added. “At some point, he will make mistakes; it’s normal. It’s essential to support him. He behaved very well: an assist, a player who was deep, who gave weight to that side both in defense and attack. He will continue to have opportunities because he is a child of America. We have to take care of him like a son.”