Fernando Ortiz coach of Monterrey looks on prior the 3rd round match between Mazatlan FC and Monterrey as part of the Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga MX at Kraken Stadium

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CF Monterrey had a convincing 4-1 win over Comunicaciones FC on Tuesday night at the Estadio Doroteo Guamuch Flores to start their 2024 Concacaf Champions Cup.

The return leg will be next Thursday at Estadio BBVA, and Rayados should advance to the Round of 16. However, manager Fernando Ortiz wants to stay calm and notes that the matchup is still ongoing.

“We are not convinced that the round is over,” Ortiz told reporters postgame (h/t Telediario). “We must go out [and play] the same way in Monterrey. If we believe we are in the next round, we would be making a grave mistake; we must go out in the same way in Monterrey.

“We played against a great rival and a crowd that does play its part; we understood where the game was headed. We got a score that the phase is still not closed. There are still 90 minutes left, and at home, we will go out the same way to close the round.”

How did Fernando Ortiz view Rayados’ performance?

Comunicaciones took eight shots on Esteban Andrada’s goal, and Monterrey suffered due to errors in their passes that almost cost them the result. Furthermore, Ortiz confessed that the pitch played against his squad.

“Errors are going to exist,” Ortiz added. “They need to be corrected; that’s always what football is about. I’m not one to make excuses, but the ball wasn’t bouncing properly. It’s not what we’re used to. We need to correct that. We try to play our football; we came away with a victory, but the phase isn’t closed yet.”

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