Eva Espejo

Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

CF Monterrey club chief Eva Espejo recently praised the institution for investing in a first-class women’s squad. She revealed that the Rayadas have one of the best exclusive facilities for a women’s team in the country.

Espejo notes that the Rayadas have a specialized work plan tailored to women’s anatomy, with sportswear and footwear designed to prevent injuries. 

Additionally, the 38-year-old shared that Monterrey is one of the teams that offers the best salaries in the country. This allows players to focus solely on fulfilling their duties on the field, which is not the norm in Mexico.

She concluded that the Monterrey women’s team is not yet self-sufficient but is on its way to becoming so. Espejo says the club no longer views having a women’s squad as an obligation. It now attempts to attract the best players.

“At some point, the women’s team was seen as an expense within the institution, but recently, we’ve come to view it as an investment,” Espejo said (h/t ABC Deportes). “This shift has allowed us to attract increasingly better-quality players, as well as design an exclusive strategy that has led to more people attending matches and sponsors wanting to promote exclusively with the women’s club.”