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CF Monterrey attacking midfielder Sergio Canales underwent successful surgery on his left thigh injury, which will keep him out indefinitely. Furthermore, there’s no estimated recovery time, but it doesn’t mean outlets can seek medical opinions.

ABC Deportes recently spoke to Luis Aguilar, a specialist in sports medicine, who mentioned that these types of injuries range from one month to three months of recovery.

Should Canales take three months to recover, it will be due to an avulsion, which is when the tendon takes a piece of bone and has to be repaired with surgery to put a staple or screw in the area.

“When talking about a surgery, it would have to be a total rupture of the tendon of the muscle or the union of the tendon and the muscle, although I don’t think it is that because I would not have traveled walking as I had been doing without any type of support,” Aguilar told ABC Noticias.

Sergio Canales stays positive after undergoing surgery

Rayados announced on Friday that the Spaniard underwent surgery in Los Angeles. Regarding his recovery, the club indicated that the time would depend on the footballer’s evolution and the medical assessment of the specialists consulted.

Canales traveled to the United States on Tuesday to evaluate his injury with a specialist in the field. Afterward, all parties decided surgery was the best option instead of a more conservative recovery.

Nonetheless, through his Instagram account, the 32-year-old uploaded a story sharing an image of his leg after the operation, ensuring that he would return stronger from this injury.

“I love challenges [and] difficulties,” Canales wrote. “I always came back stronger … and this time it will not be different.”

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