A photo of Gerardo Arteaga

Credit: Rayados.com/Israel Salazar and Hugo Puente

On Tuesday, Gerardo Arteaga, CF Monterrey’s latest addition, met with the media and shared the reasons behind his decision to leave European football and return to Liga MX.

The left-back was questioned about why some Mexican footballers choose to leave European football to return to Mexico. Although he didn’t speak for his teammates, he explained his reasons for returning.

“In my case, I believe it was something that I decided or something that I felt I needed, and it was ideal,” Arteaga said (h/t ABC Deportes). “Right now, in this present moment, I believe it was something that I needed, and I sought it so that it would be my return.”

What tempted Gerardo Arteaga to join Monterrey?

Arteaga pointed out that he doesn’t see joining Rayados as a setback. Additionally, he notes that the sports project led him to decide to join his new club.

“I don’t see it as anything bad,” Arteaga added. “Coming here to Monterrey with the project they propose to me, and everything is very good, also an important challenge for me. I see it as a challenge as well. And I tell you, as for the others, I don’t know why they are returning to Mexico. For now, from my perspective, the ideal thing for me is to return now.”

Transfer window specialist Fabrizio Romano reported that Monterrey will be paying Belgium side Genk €4.5 million for the 25-year-old.