Gerardo Arteaga

Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images

It was a night to forget for CF Monterrey, who lost 2-0 to Club Deportivo Guadalajara on Saturday night at Estadio BBVA. The defeat was Rayados’ first since late November last year. Nonetheless, the loss is a learning lesson for defender Gerardo Arteaga.

The 25-year-old received a straight red card, the first of the night for Monterrey, after his interaction with the referee, Adonai Escobedo. After the match, manager Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz spoke to reporters and noted he’d have to talk with the player about controlling his emotions.

“I have to educate Gera that these reactions harm us and lead to an expulsion that perhaps has to calm his temper,” Ortiz said (h/t ABC Deportes). 

“[Arteaga] swears that he did not insult him, I did not see her. If there is evidence that he has insulted him, the red is well deserved, but if he did not insult him, he would have to review that sense. Previously, if he sees a foul of a pull, he does not allow him to continue driving the ball.”

Furthermore, Ortiz noted that he intends to relay his experience as a former player and one who needed to control his emotions.

“I want to give Gera the experience I had as a player, as I was quite similar in terms of childish complaints, and tell him that his temperament works in his favor when he wants to persist in the game,” Ortiz added. “However, it will always be detrimental to him in other aspects.”