Jesus Gallardo

Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images

The summer transfer window is open for CF Monterrey to begin molding their squad for next season. Moreover, Jesús Gallardo and Maxi Meza’s futures with Rayados are uncertain

Gallardo has been with Monterrey since 2018, and with the player dealing with injuries and turning 30 this summer, the club is reportedly open to listening to offers for the veteran.

According to 365Scores’ Fernando Esquivel, although Gallardo isn’t currently listed as transferable, he’s no longer considered “non-transferable.”

Rayados still have the Mexican player, but for the first time since he joined, they’re open to considering offers. If the price is right, the 29-year-old could leave Monterrey this summer.

Esquivel adds that four teams in Mexico and two from abroad are interested. However, the sticking point in any potential negotiation is the cost, as Rayados values Gallardo at between $5 million and $7 million.

Is Maxi Meza also heading out of Monterrey?

Along with Gallardo, Esquivel provided the latest regarding Meza’s future. The Argentine player will be available in this transfer window, targeting teams capable of meeting his salary demands.

Monterrey plan to pocket some cash with just six months left on his contract as they’re not currently looking to extend it. If he doesn’t find a new home, Rayados will keep him around for his final six months before saying goodbye.

The information also reveals that Meza knows the score and is gearing up for a potential move this window or to hit the market as a free agent come January 2025.