Eva Espejo

Jahir Cárdenas / ABC Noticias

Rayadas picked up a significant 3-1 win over Tigres UNAL Femenil on Thursday in the latest edition of the Clásico Regio Femenil. Furthermore, after nine attempts, it was the first win for manager Eva Espejo in the derby.

It wasn’t an easy victory for Monterrey, who had to come from behind after trailing 1-0. Nonetheless, the team’s mental toughness came out in the second half, scoring three unanswered goals. As a result, Espejo believes this was a more than deserved win.

“More than liberated, justice was done for the players, staff, and institution that I stand for, but there are many people behind this victory,” Espejo told reporters on Thursday (h/t TeleDiario).

Did Rayadas’ past work help them beat Tigres?

The Monterrey manager also clarified that Thursday’s result reflects their previous work, in which they often deserved the victory. However, the win couldn’t come their way for different reasons. 

“A lot of happiness for the work done throughout our time leading Rayadas; more than once we deserved to win; sometimes we had to know how to handle some results, and today they did it perfectly,” Espejo added.

Espejo will leave her position as Rayadas manager after this Apertura 2023 season. The 37-year-old finally beat Tigres, and now the squad’s goal is to win the league and send her off on a winning note.