Sergio Canales

ULISES RUIZ/AFP via Getty Images

CF Monterrey’s Sergio Canales, who recently underwent successful surgery on his left thigh injury, is working his way back into the squad. However, the rehab process isn’t stopping the Spaniard from doing charitable work.

Canales and his wife, Cristina Llorens, financed the creation of a sports club in Uganda to benefit children and young people. 

The Canales-Llorens family contributed financially to the project through Babies Uganda, an NGO that strives to give better opportunities to minors in difficult conditions in that country.

“At Babies Uganda, we continue to provide the community with tools to get ahead, get out of poverty, and above all bring them hope, enthusiasm, and motivation,” the organization said in a video published on its social networks.

Sergio Canales FC, a sports club offering football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, and extracurricular activities, will operate at the local educational institution.

Furthermore, the NGO explained that the sports field would benefit the students of a school and the community, which could find a recreational place away from vices.