Rayados striker Germán Berterame looks down


The striker position at CF Monterrey is battling injuries, thanks to Leagues Cup 2023. Rodrigo Aguirre and Germán Berterame picked up knocks, with the Argentine’s being more serious as he could miss the entire Apertura 2023 tournament.

Ahead of Rayados’ contest against Cruz Azul on Sunday at Estadio BBVA, the Mexican club might have hoped to have Aguirre. However, that won’t be the case.

The 28-year-old was unable to finish a training session on Tuesday. Furthermore, the Uruguayan international commented on what happened, resulting in his leaving 10 minutes into the training session.

“Well, it was just a precaution [to leave training on Tuesday],” Aguirre told reporters Wednesday (h/t Telediario). “We are coming back from the injury, and we know that it is a complicated injury, and we have to take it with caution.

“Yes, the idea was [to play against Cruz Azul], and in principle, we are there in contact between working with what is the medical staff and the technical staff. We know that, as I told you, it is a complicated injury that if you demand it or the rush can relapse, then we will do everything possible, but the most important thing is to be [100 percent].”

Since Aguirre isn’t fit for the match against Cruz Azul, it will be interesting to see if he can play on Aug. 30 against Club Deportivo Toluca at the Nemesio Díez Stadium. The quick turnaround might have him ruled out for that contest. 

Fernando Ortiz provides Germán Berterame update

Ahead of Rayados’ contest against the Machine, manager Fernando Ortiz spoke to reporters and provided an update on Berterame. The Argentine tactician commented that they removed the screw in his left foot on Thursday to start his recovery.

“Germán has evolved very well,” Ortiz told reporters Thursday (h/t Telediario). “I think that if I’m not mistaken today, they will remove the screw if I’m not mistaken. Everyone has been surprised by the way he recovered in a short time. That is something very nice to listen to today in the morning. We will see how it evolves; we will see how the treatment takes place.”

Berterame suffered a fracture in his left foot late in the game against the Portland Timbers in the Leagues Cup Round of 32. Now, there’s speculation as to when he’ll return. The 24-year-old could return right in time for the Liguilla or miss the entire tournament. 

The transfer window remains open. So Rayados’ decision to pursue a striker could tell how they feel about Berterame’s recovery. 

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