Sergio Canales and Andres Guardado of Real Betis celebrates victory

Fran Santiago/Getty Images

On Friday, Andrés Guardado bid farewell to Real Betis and will make a return to Liga MX to join Club León. In this new chapter of his career, he will face Sergio Canales as a rival. The CF Monterrey player didn’t waste any time playfully issuing a warning to Guardado.

León and Rayados will face each other on April 20 during Matchday 16. If everything goes as planned, Canales and Guardado, who once shared a dressing room at Betis, will meet again as opponents.

What did Sergio Canales have to say about Andrés Guardado leaving Real Betis?

“I still can’t believe that you’re closing your chapter at Real Betis,” Canales wrote on his Instagram (h/t Medio Tiempo). “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we both reunited at the most important club in our careers. You’re not aware of how important you have been for everyone who has crossed paths with you while working at Betis. 

“And I’m talking about more than your athletic quality. I’m talking about the human aspect. I’m looking forward to facing you and nutmegging you; I hope you don’t give me too many kicks.”

Canales also sent a video message to Guardado during his farewell event in Seville, saying, “I hope you don’t give me too many kicks here when we face each other.”

Afterward, Guardado had to respond to his former teammate during his conference: “I’m going to crush him (laughs), oh, I can’t wait, knowing him. From friends, you have to beat your friends.”