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Tecatito Urged to Transmit ‘Rayados DNA’ to Team, Former Player Reveals

Jesús Corona

Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images

CF Monterrey’s legendary goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco officially retired on Sunday before Rayados’ scoreless draw against Toluca. On his first day of retirement, the 37-year-old appeared on Futbol al Día and talked about the current leadership within the current squad.

Orozco believes that ‘Tecatito’ Corona should be one of the voices that leads the current squad. The former Santos Laguna goalkeeper shares that Corona, having come up through the Rayados system, could relay what it means to play for the club. 

“It was a very healthy group, very strong, very complemented by experience and youth,” Orozco said (h/t Telediario). “They supported us kids, and that was very important. Nowadays, the one who has the baton to infect them with that is ‘Tecatito.’ He should inform the players of what Rayado is because you see and realize that on the squad, none of them are from home.

After mentioning that ‘Tecatito’ has to be responsible for spreading that “Rayados DNA” to the rest of the team, Orozco emphasized that first, the veteran player has to regain the level that led him to play in Europe.

“[‘Tecatito’] has to regain his level and be a starter; he has to work on the field,” Orozco added. “He has to work in training to earn a starting position because he has the abilities; if not, he wouldn’t have come from Europe or achieved everything he did there.

“For me, he’s a crack. He’s a great player, but he has to get in rhythm and shape to be at 100 percent because he also arrives and gets injured, recovers, and gets injured again, so he needs to be at 100 because, at 100, I don’t see any player as disruptive in any team, he’s an outstanding player.”

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