Diana García

Credit: MexSport

After being absent due to an injury that sidelined her at the start of the Liga MX Femenil, Diana García wants to return to her best form with Rayadas.

The midfielder debuted only in the 4-0 loss against América in the Clausura 2024 tournament. She stated that while she seeks to shine again, she first has to adapt to the style of manager Amelia Valverde.

“I think that suddenly it’s challenging for me, and I have to be more patient to understand a different style of play with [Valverde] and to re-understand a different disposition for the objectives that she is now seeking,” García told reporters (h/t Telediario).

“I am a competitive person; I believe that ambition will always be there to help me seek my best version. That will happen gradually, of course, with the help of my teammates.”

The player, key to the Apertura 2021 title with Eva Espejo, pointed out that now Rayadas has adopted a more associative style of play, which they will seek to refine as the matchdays progress.