A detailed view of the Leagues Cup trophy

Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Leagues Cup 2023 was a fun novelty; however, it had many flaws, such as only having the Mexican clubs travel. Eventually, for CF Monterrey, injuries began to pile up because of this tournament.

Rayados finished fourth in the competition, but as the saying goes, at what cost? Nonetheless, this tournament, which pins MLS and LIGA MX clubs, is returning in 2024, and it’s not an ideal time.

When will Leagues Cup 2024 be played?

The Leagues Cup’s official X account tweeted next year’s tournament period, which will go from July 26 to August 25. Still, jamming this tournament is when clubs such as Monterrey will be coming off a Concacaf Champions Cup, which has expanded.

Furthermore, some clubs will have players at the 2024 Copa America. As Monterrey saw this past summer, it’s asking too many players to go from playing in an international tournament to hopping into this competition. Eventually, players will burn out.

While the first edition of this new format with Leagues Cup wasn’t totally hated, this second might not be well received, especially with no return to the Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudamericana in sight.

Then there’s the need for relegation and promotion and clubs having multiple owners. Nonetheless, expect pushback from this competition this time around.