Sergio Canales

Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images

Sergio Canales from CF Monterrey has been playing in Liga MX for almost a year now, marking his transition from European football to the Mexican league.

Canales arrived last summer when Rayados paid €10 million in a fixed fee with €7 million in variables to Real Betis. Additionally, he signed a three-year contract with Monterrey to be at the center of their project. 

During an interview with MARCA, the 33-year-old highlighted the disparities between playing in Mexico and La Liga in Spain.

“Comparing them is very complicated because they are different styles of football. For example, the difference is abysmal if you look at the Spanish League and the Premier League. I believe there is nothing similar in the playing style, in the football culture, or in the way of watching and playing the matches.

Sergio Canales: Mexican football has a ‘very good mentality’

“I think here in Mexican football, there is a very good mentality. No matter if an opponent scores a goal, for you, the game continues the same, and you go for everything to keep looking for another goal; it is positive to continue with the same mentality. There, most teams, with a goal against, try to defend themselves from increasing that result against them.

“The truth is that I am fortunate to have played in the Spanish League. It has always been the benchmark and is always in the top three of the best leagues in the world, which is truly wonderful and is what needs to be maintained there at all costs.”

The veteran midfielder recently pointed out that he is working to reach 100 percent of himself. This Clausura 2024 season, Canales has registered two goals and one assist, so these stat lines could be improving.

Monterrey and the rest of the league might be seeing the best of Canales. The signing will begin to pay off if Monterrey can win the league and Concacaf Champions this Clausura 2024 season.