Rayadas defender Tanna Sánchez

(Credit: Rayadas)

CF Monterrey has bolstered its squad ahead of the 2024 Clausura tournament with the addition of Mexican player Tanna Sánchez.

After playing for the University of Alabama, the 21-year-old defender has joined the Rayadas under their new manager, Amelia Valverde. Sánchez spoke with the club for its social media platforms once the announcement was made official.

“I am very excited,” Sánchez said. “I am very happy; I always like to play for a team that is obviously good, that is competitive, [and] that is a winner. And Rayados, to tell the truth, have always been at the top, and I like to play in teams that I know we can aspire to a championship, right?”

Tanna Sánchez shares the mindset she’ll bring to Rayadas

Furthermore, the young defender revealed the mindset she will bring to the squad. Even though she’s fresh out of college, Sánchez wants to win a starting role and hold onto the position.

“I believe that I will give my 100 percent to the Rayadas team and the fans,” Sánchez added. “From moment one, I am focused on earning my place first and foremost, and once I earn that place, the minutes I am given, I will enjoy them 100 percent. I will give 100 percent of myself in every play.”

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